Due to the increase of FRAUD orders, if your billing and shipping address is different, we will reach out to you to verify your information. If we do not hear back within 3 business days from the time the email was sent, we will automatically cancel your order and issue you a refund minus the 10% cancellation fee. This policy applies to both in stock and preorders.


When does my preorder release?

You can find the estimated U.S. Release Month in the product description. Please refer to the product description page for any changes to the U.S. Release Month because we keep it up to date with the latest information provided to us by our suppliers.


The estimated U.S. release month is already here, why hasn't my order shipped yet?

Our suppliers usually receive shipments towards the end of the month to the beginning of the following month. For example, if your preorder item has a U.S. Release Month of July, it is estimated to arrive at our supplier's warehouse at the end of July to the beginning of August. 

It can take up to 6 weeks for our suppliers to prepare our shipments for pick up. Once we pick up, we will carefully pack and ship out your order ASAP. You will receive an email notification with a tracking number after your order ships. Please wait up to 24 hours for the tracking info to generate and remember to check your spam folder.


The estimated U.S. release month already passed. Where is my order?

We proactively reach out to our suppliers towards the end of the month to get updates. Please note that we need to give our suppliers ample time to update us.

We will update the product page and notify you via email as soon as we receive the new estimated U.S. release month from our suppliers if your preorder has been delayed. We send out delay updates from Please check your spam folder and add us to your contacts.


Why has my order not shipped yet even though it is available on another site?

Not all U.S. based retailers purchase from the same suppliers. A manufacturer distributes their products through multiple suppliers in each region. Not all suppliers receive the products from the manufacturers at the same time. And even if two U.S. based retailers purchase from the same supplier, depending on the relationship and size of business, the supplier might prioritize one over the other. This is also true with multiple suppliers who purchase from the same manufacturer. This is the reality of doing business. We do our best to keep a good relationship with all our suppliers and proactively follow up with them to see how quickly we can get our hands on our customer products so we can ship them out quickly.


I placed a preorder but the product listing shows out of stock even though it hasn't released yet. Will I still receive my preorder item?

Yes, of course! It just means that we sold out our preorder stock.


Can I cancel my preorder?

Please check our Preorder Policy page.


What is a PREORDER DUE DATE and where can I find this information?

Please check our Preorder Policy page.


Do you offer a full refund if the manufacturer cancels my preorder? 

Please check our Preorder Policy page.


Do you ship preorders with different release dates separately or together? 

We ship preorder items as soon as they are released so you do not need to place separate preorders according to release dates with us!


Can I add new items or combine my new order with an existing order? 

Unfortunately, no. Our system is not set up to accommodate this request at this time. We kindly ask that you double check all the items have been added into your cart before you complete your purchase. 


The item I ordered arrived with a defect and/or missing parts, what can I do? 

Please check our Returns & Refunds Policy page.


How do I update my order's shipping address?

Please email us at with your new shipping address.


What happens if my package was returned back to you?

We will contact you if your package has been returned to us because of an undeliverable shipping address. The cost to re-ship the package will be invoiced via PayPal and will need to be paid before the package is sent out again.


What happens if my package has already shipped but I forgot to update my shipping address?

We can request the shipping carrier to intercept the package and have it delivered back to us. The cost to intercept and re-ship the package will be invoiced via PayPal and will need to be paid before the package is sent out again. For example, USPS charges $15.25 to intercept a package.


I'm a box collector and need my figure in a perfect box! 

We are being 100% transparent and honest when we say we cannot guarantee a perfect box. We are meticulous and pack our orders as securely as possible however, there is still a chance that the box will have imperfections that will not satisfy a box collector. 

Manufacturers cannot guarantee all their figures will come in perfect boxes. If we tossed out all the figures that came in imperfect boxes, we'd be out of business in no time. If you absolutely must have a perfect box, it is best to shop at a physical store where you can choose the exact box you want.