null Payment Plans

We offer flexible payment plans from to allow our customers to choose a pay-over-time payment method during checkout.

How do I set up a payment plan?
  • Add the item(s) you want to buy into your cart
  • Go to your cart, not the checkout page
  • Click the button in your cart
  • Create an account with if you don't already have one or sign in if you already do
  • Fill out your customer & shipping information
  • Then create your payment plan by choosing a down payment and the duration and frequency in which you would like to pay your balance over
  • Lastly, select your payment method and accept the terms
How much down payment is required?
We require a minimum of 25% down payment.


What payment methods does accept? accepts all major credit and debit cards.


How long is the duration in which I have to pay the balance in full?
You can choose to pay off your balance in 1 or 2 months.


What are the frequency of payments to occur?
You can set up your payment method to be charged once every month until the payment plan is paid in full.
So I've just checked out using your payment plan option, when does my order ship?
We ship your order once your items are in stock and the payment plan has been fully paid.


Can I use my coupon code?
Unfortunately, coupon codes are not valid when checking out with Partially's payment plan. 


What happens if my payment plan defaulted?
If you default on your payment plan, please reach out to us at to reopen your payment plan.