Preorder Policy

Preorders are final and no refunds will be offered. No exceptions.

  • Preorders are not in stock but will be available at a future specified date
  • Preorders are charged to your card immediately after you place your order 
  • Placing a preorder reserves the item
  • Pricing on a preorder item can increase at any time due to unforeseen additional costs from the manufacturer. We will invoice you the difference and require payment on the remaining balance before shipping out your order
  • Please understand that the U.S. Release Month on all product listings are estimates only and can change at any time

Preorders can be cancelled for reasons out of our control. It could be manufacturer defects, factory production issues or a zombie apocalypse (YIKES!).


Can I cancel my preorder?

The short answer, no.

Let us provide you with three reasons why we have a strict no refund policy.

1) Our manufacturer's have a strict no cancellation policy that we must adhere to. As a small business we have to be careful our inventory is not overstocked. Sorry, we aren't Amazon.

2) By check marking the box at checkout, you are agreeing to our preorder policy of no refunds. 


Do you offer a refund if the manufacturer cancels my preorder item? 

Yes, of course! If the manufacturer cancels a preorder item for any reason (i.e. production issues, licensing issues, etc.), we will issue you a full refund immediately. It would be extremely dishonest on our part if we actually kept your money.

*Our payment processors require we issue refunds within 180 days of the sale. If the sale is outside of this refund window period, we will issue you your refund in the form of store credit.


When does my preorder release?

You can find the estimated U.S. Release Month in the product description. Please check the product description for any changes to the U.S. Release Month because we keep it up to date with the latest information provided to us by our suppliers.


The estimated U.S. Release Month is already here, why hasn't my order shipped yet?

Our supplier receives shipments near the end of the estimated release month to early the following month. For example, if your preorder item has a U.S. Release Month of July, it is estimated to arrive at our supplier's warehouse at the end of July to the beginning of August. 

Preorder items are in transit to our suppliers warehouse when we are invoiced. It takes around 2-4 weeks for our suppliers to prepare our preorder shipments due to them working with limited operations to comply with state mandates. Once we pick up, we will carefully pack and ship out your order ASAP. You will receive an email notification with a tracking number after your order ships. Please wait up to 24 hours for the tracking info to generate and remember to check your spam folder.


The estimated U.S. Release Month already passed. Where is my order?

We proactively reach out to our suppliers towards the end of the estimated release month to get updates on whether the preorder item is on its way or if it has been delayed. Please note that we need to give our suppliers ample time to update us. If we have not received any new updates by the 7th of the following month, the product listing's release month will be updated to TBD and unfortunately, your order will be delayed.

We will update our product listing and notify you via email as soon as we receive the new estimated U.S. release month from our suppliers.


I placed a preorder but the product listing shows out of stock even though it hasn't released yet. Will I still receive my preorder item? 

Yes, of course! It just means that we sold out on our preorder stock and have no more to sell.